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Welcome to the House Three Skulls Website!

The Official Badge of House Three Skulls

This place is always being modified so check back regularly for updates!

Getting Started

Some pages of interest (That also need additional info)

Structure This would be how the household is organized.

Rules The rules the members of the household abide by.

  • Precedents These are not rules per se but are standing customs for the way things are done.

Common Parlance Common words and turns of phrase you may hear around the Household.

Fighting We Like it so much it deserved its own set of links.

People Members and friends of the household.

Passtimes Things what we likes ta do.

History The history of the household.

  • Artifacts Various items of significance to the Household.

Commons Some details on what a commons is and how to behave at them

Loaner Gear We sometimes have a surplus of items, this is the place to list what gear you may have to loan out.

Events Events that the household might be interested in as well as the date of the next commons.

Related Sites Websites that may interest household and friends of household.

Also check out the "About" page and "Disclaimer" pages linked on the bottom there for some quick info.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.