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Disclaimer of Guarantees

We make no guarantee that your perception of reality will match up with any of the information contained in the pages herein. Nor do we guarantee that even should they align that there will be factual correctness. Or political correctness. Social, anatomical, pretty much no correctness is guaranteed. Any perceived correctness is a happy coincidence and should be accepted as such.

The only guarantee we make is that these pages exist solely for the amusement of House Three Skulls, its members and friends. If you are none of those and still enjoy what you find then good for you! Perhaps it’s synchronicity that you’ve found us.

We also guarantee that our members can be exceedingly verbose at times, and prosaic, and loquacious… well basically they just like to talk. So some of the pages will likely run on and on and on. Chances are this Disclaimer won’t as I’m already getting bored, and I’m at work while writing it so I won’t likely continue much longer.

In fact.

I’m done now.

-Vettorio Antonello - Household Annalist